Our immediate reaction was to seek a counselor, but deep down we knew we needed something different

My wife and I have always believed that God places people in our lives at certain critical moments in our journey through life, and this belief was substantiated in my chance encounter with Leah in the spring of 2012.

At the time, I did not realize that meeting Leah at that precise moment in our life would affect so many lives. When the storm clouds unexpectedly engulfed our family that summer, we were confused and fearful of the potential outcome. We were perplexed, unsure where to turn or how to resolve the situation. Sure, our immediate reaction was to seek the usual counselor, but deep down we knew we required some other form of intervention, insight or guidance.

We can attest that Leah’s life changing coaching affected our family’s life in a positive and creative manner. Indirectly as a result of Leah’s coaching of a family member, my wife and I began a new retirement adventure, and our family joined us in the Okanagan valley. It’s never too late to begin again! We thought Leah’s life coaching method was to guide one member of the family, but it resulted in positive repercussions on our immediate and our extended family.

Thank-you Leah for sharing your affirmative life changing coaching skills that directly and indirectly affected so many. W.W. BC, Canada

W.W. British Columbia, Canada

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Listen to your life. All moments are key moments.

— Frederick Buechner