I was trying to find a way to describe both Leah, and the coaching process, then I stumbled over these words in a book and thought YES! So while they are not my words, they express my experience. [Leah] can “sit down with you and SEE, usually very quickly, usually with unnerving clarity, what snares you are setting for yourself, and how not to fall in them. Or, if you are already ensnared–and typically if you are here with her, you are already ensnared–how you can free yourself.” I am so thankful for this support, during a deep process. I am free. I am free.


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To make a friend of the part of us that wants nothing to do with the difficulties of work, of relationship, of doing what is necessary, is to learn humility; to cultivate self-compassion and to sharpen a necessary sense of humor and a merciful approach to both self and other.

— David Whyte