Youth Coaching

Youth CoachingYouth Coaching

Coaching can help children and teens feel empowered within the experience they are having.  It helps them understand situations clearly, and make age appropriate decisions.There are opportunities for celebration, empowerment, self discovery, confidence-building and the development of personal responsibility.

The stories and limitations we impose on ourselves, based on experience, develop at any age. I help youth flourish. What if… youth had the opportunity to get bold, confident and aware while still young? There is something fundamentally important in giving youth a voice early in life, to help them start identifying what makes them unique and powerful. This provides internal confidence, understanding and resilience.

Parents connect their children and youth to me for many reasons. They include (but are not limited to):

  • separation/divorce resiliency
  • family conflict/unsettled relationships
  • anxiety exploration and management
  • self confidence/self esteem development
  • difficulties with friendships, social and or school expectations
  • internalized anxiety, anger and/or sadness and resulting “behaviors”
  • self harming

My coaching approach and topics vary based on the age and stage of the individual. Younger clients generally require face-to-face appointments with strong parental involvement, and teens generally prefer telephone (skype, facetime) coaching (with some parental awareness and a strong boundary for confidentiality). We will find the combination that works for your child or youth.

Has your youth got something going on, that you think is bigger than a Life Coach can handle?  I come to coaching with a wealth of past experience and strategies working with children and families in crisis. Coaching mixed with my previous background, allows me to bring a positive focus to connection, self determination and the development of new ways of being when there are other “clinical” factors to consider.  This is one of the many facets of me as a coach.

Coaching agreements for youth, are as individual as the youth themselves.  One of the fundamental cornerstones of coaching is CHOICE, therefore youth who benefit from coaching, have willingness to be curious and engage in the process.

So if there is a youth in your life you would like me to meet, please be in touch, and we will tailor an experience to fit their particular circumstance. It is never too early to begin a coaching conversation. If you can find the root now, and deal with it, your child can return to a more natural state. The sooner they have the skills and awareness they need, the sooner they can use them. To book a free 30 minute sample session or to discuss your coaching needs, please contact me.

I wonder, he said, whether the stars are set a light in heaven so that one day each one of us may find his own again.

— Antoine de Saint-Exupery