Compassionate Leadership Development

Compassionate Leadership DevelopmentCompassionate Leadership Development

Compassionate Leadership Development is not about sending the “leaders” out to learn skills. It is about activating the LEADER in each of your people and creating a climate where everyone contributes, and is empowered to do so. It is a multidimensional strategy.

We all have a role in Compassionate Leadership–Let’s develop that. Why?

Compassionate, Leaders are:

  • throughout an organization (there is a distinction between “leaders” and “decision makers”)
  • trusted
  • approachable
  • capable of aligned action
  • able to step away from the “ego” of a situation and move toward creating solutions and plans that consider many factors and overall impact.
  • able to respond vs. react when core importances are at odds
  • able to share the spotlight (and know that there are in fact, many “spotlights”)
  • allow others strengths to flourish, in service of work esteem and goal attainment.

Compassionate Leadership allows individuals to understand their beliefs and those of the organization, and know how to respond when those two things collide. Everyone in an organization contributes to the Leadership Climate (which is different than the decision making chain), and has a role in the wellness and efficacy of the organization as well as its dis-ease. When the people behind the roles and decisions are acknowledged and powerfully channeled, the outcomes within an organization are transformed and heightened, and employee retention, engagement and achievement are improved.

Your Compassionate Leadership Development Program will be custom designed for the needs and empowerment objectives of your organization or group. It will be delivered on-site or at an external location, in a way that is engaging, informative and no-nonsense. These experiences can range in duration from a 1/2 day “taster”, to week-long Compassionate Leadership and Engagement Intensives. Additionally, ongoing programs to support long-term growth and integration are the mainstay of Compassionate Leadership Development, and allow an organization to grow and heal in a vibrant and sustainable way, while utilizing these new skills and perspectives “real time”.

You don’t need to be a “CERTAIN KIND” of organization to benefit from, and maximize under the Compassionate Leadership Strategy, but with it, you will CERTAINLY create the KIND of organizational climate, that helps you thrive with one another, and with the business culture and objectives around you.

Get in touch, and we can begin the process of transforming the climate and efficacy of your organization.

There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. If you cannot hear it, you will spend your days on the ends of strings that somebody else pulls.

— Howard Thurman