Individual Coaching

Individual CoachingIndividual Coaching

Individual coaching is a powerful alliance between you and I. This dedicated partnership facilitates opportunities for you to really see and feel what is going on in you, and set an action plan in motion that is in alignment with your personal values and vision. Deep understanding coupled with accountability, helps support your movement from unconscious patterns to conscious choice–this is a powerful thing.

    I work to bring consciousness in core areas including: 

  • bringing greater awareness and clarity to your current circumstances
  • identifying emotional blocks and patterns that impact your forward motion
  • crystallizing your ideas into compelling plans for action
  • encouraging you to experiment with new ways of “being and doing” for the sake of feeling at home in your own skin, and getting the results you want

Be who you want to be, more often, and in a wider range of circumstances. You have that in you, and it can be expressed in your work, your relationships, your dreams …your life. Yes, you can do that –

I put my skills at your disposal to help you be a leader in your life – from the inside out. I am committed to assisting you, as you find your way to who you are yearning to be, in any and all areas of your life–Co-Active Coaching addresses them all (at the same time). I am passionate about you freeing yourself from whatever binds you. I want you to discover and own your core confidence (your nuclear fuel). I want you to know your unique footprint, and put it to use.

I strive to bring your knowing to the surface–be it from your head, heart or gut, it is all necessary and useful.  Knowledge is indeed power: and the more personal power you have access to, the better!

Through coaching, my clients have hit pinnacles such as:
-building their own successful businesses
-becoming a strong and empowered co-parent
-recommitting to their marriage
-recovering from depression and suicidal thoughts/attempts
-repaired relationships that seemed “beyond repair”
-conquered fear and anxiety
-healed from grief, emotional and physical trauma/abuse and taken control of PTSD
-grown greater, self-love, acceptance and confidence
-earned professional certifications, recognition and accolades, consummate with high level achievement
-grown their personal revenue to 1 Million and beyond

While I cannot list all the successes my clients have enjoyed courtesy of investing in themselves in this way (that list would be very long), what I want you to know is: IT WORKS. If you are willing to do the work it takes, and be championed, loved, and challenged…the possibilities are endless. What if…you are one coaching relationship away from KICKING ASS AT LIFE?

Do you have something going on in your life, that you think is bigger than a Life Coach can handle?  This is one of the places where coaching and counseling can overlap.  Coaching mixed with my previous therapeutic background, allows me to bring a positive, exploratory focus to the unearthing of old wounds and patterns. I have expertise in the intervention and support of emotional and psychological/psychiatric concerns, as well as experience with grief processing and trauma release.  These are a few of my facets, and I bring them to our calls in service of creating personal empowerment through emotional awareness, responsibility and expression. Yep. It works. It works for women, men, youth and couples. Want to see? Let’s do it!

In order to begin a coaching relationship with me, you need to:
-be ready to change
-be curious about how to co-create a different life for yourself
-be willing to invest in yourself behaviorally, emotionally and financially
-be brave
-be willing to get uncomfortable for the sake of your growth and development
-be clear that you are done “giving up on yourself”
-have reasons to start coaching that you want to tell me, and a few that you DON’T want to tell me

If you have questions, would like to book a free 30 minute sample session, or would like to discuss your coaching needs, please contact me.

When we learn how to be truly present with our joy and our sorrow, with our longing and our desires, layer upon layer of ourselves and the world are revealed.

— Oriah Mountain Dreamer