Free Sample Session

Free Sample SessionFree Sample Session

The best way to know if coaching is right for you, is to give it a try!  Drop me a line, and we can get started with a 1/2 hour, no strings attached, sample session.  This will allow you to feel if coaching is a good fit, and if I am the coach for you. I have been coaching for 10 years, and worked in the field of human development for 13 years before that, and we will feel through this call, what our next step together might be.

So if you have been wondering about coaching, or have tried other things and have not found what you are looking for, reach out. Any time is a good time to get started.

On another note, If someone YOU know has suggested we get in touch—the reason is simple.  They have a wish and a wanting–and it isn’t about what they want FROM you, it is about what they want FOR you. They know me, and they know you, and feel like the alchemy of us both will bring good things. The person who referred you may want you to breathe easier, release pain or find your courage and passion.  Or maybe you are shooting for something big, and they want you to have an additional no-nonsense ally. If you have been referred to me by someone you know, it has come from a place of kind regard.  I promise you that. Drop me a line, and let’s get started.

Life is something that everyone should try at least once.

— Henry J. Tillman