Family Support Coaching (the heart of your family)

Family Support Coaching (the heart of your family)Family Support Coaching (the heart of your family)

What is going on in your family right now that you would like to improve?

Family Support Coaching is a purposeful, targeted service, that mixes my 11 years of previous family support experience, with a possibility focused, coaching framework. Family Support Coaching combines coaching dialogue with active teaching and parenting consultation. Do you need some concrete suggestions regarding what to do? Do you want to explore what is underneath your parenting decisions to facilitate insight and long term change? Family Support Coaching does both of these things. It looks into, and instructs on the “doing” of parenting, while also nurturing the emotional motivations, and intentions toward long term family understanding. This service is designed to be delivered by phone, but can also be facilitated in person if we share the same geographical area.

I believe, at the centre of all family matters…is the heart. I challenge you to dedicate some time to get to know the heart of your family. To benefit all family members, I offer a unique blend of strategies, which focus on clearing blocks and strengthening:

  • emotional connection
  • respectful communication
  • at-ease parenting
  • skill development, awareness and knowledge expansion(for parents and family members of all ages) and
    long term family wellness

Family Support Coaching starts from an ache for something to shift in your family or parenting experience. I will work with you and other willing members of your family to strengthen what is working, and address specific deficits that get in the way of what you envision for your family. Our experience is as individual as your family, and it is my role to guide you to a place of self-reliant, confident, family and parenting interactions. What do you ache for? Let’s create it.

There are many situations and experiences that affect the family climate. I can help you and your family members improve your day-to-day experiences, and make energy available for living instead of just surviving.
You (each one of you) are in control of the family and parenting experience you create–I am your ally in creating a different experience. What does your family need to put in place to move forward, while supporting each other along the way? Let’s find out.

Was Family Therapy not successful or a good fit? Have you had other family or parenting support services, which have not encouraged an expansion of personalized and transferable skills? Do you want to do SOMETHING, but don’t know what to do? If you are hungry for a different family experience, and are dedicated to finding it, it is time for Family Support Coaching. what if… this is where the rubber meets the road. Get in touch with me, and get in touch with your family.

For more information, check out my FAQs on Family Support Coaching or contact me to start a conversation.

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— Tama J. Kieves