Certification Coaching/ICF Mentoring

Certification Coaching/ICF MentoringCertification Coaching/ICF Mentoring

Sometimes you require a coach to accompany you on a specific professional journey. CTI Certification and ICF Mentor Coaching (for credential renewal) are two of those times. I provide coaching to individuals pursuing these paths, because I strongly believe in both of them, and keep myself steeped in the concepts, so I can serve you in either process.

The CTI Certification program is a rigorous, intentional program intended to assist coaches in tasting mastery, and integrating CTI coaching tools in a deep way. If you choose to coach with me during your certification journey, you can expect a fluid mix of skills clarification, personal coaching to remove blocks to success, and mentoring to effectively navigate and maximize your certification experience. I am fierce about you getting the most out of your certification program, and achieving success.

ICF Mentor Coaching is intended to be a time where you revisit your coaching skills, and challenge yourself to integrate and refine them in a new way. It invites you to come back to basics and consciously mix them with your current level of experience for the sake of a renewed, and heightened experience for your clients. No matter how you are using your credentialed skill set, Mentor Coaching is a powerful way to look at the way you practice, adjust acquired habits and refine your impact moving forward.

If you are interested in having me join you as your CTI Certification or ICF Mentor Coach, drop me a line, and we’ll take it from there!

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