Meet Leah

Meet LeahMeet Leah
I am Leah Halvorsen, CPCC,PCC. I am a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation, a Certified Co-Active Life Coach (CPCC) through The Coaches Training Institute and a Leadership Development Consultant. I am based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. People ask: “what kind of Coach are you Leah?” Here’s the answer: I am a Heart Coach. What does that mean? As a coach, I am driven toward having you to access your mind, heart and gut. Each one is useful, and we ALL need access to each one. Of those three, we generally ignore our heart, or call it weak, burdensome or even scary. I am all about encouraging and growing EMOTIONAL AGILITY.That is the ability to acknowledge, embrace and utilize the energy of ALL EMOTIONS, for the sake of experiencing your full life range.

I connect you to your heart. Why would you want to do that?

  • you recognize the choices you make, and trust yourself to make them
  • you become unburdened by your past
  • you are able to taste contentment without seeking perfection
  • the decisions you make are powerful and balanced
  • you recognize and use your unique strengths and gifts
  • the goals you set and achieve are vibrant and empowering
  • your emotional spectrum becomes fuel for enlivened living, rather than something to beat down or deny
  • you recognize and like the person you see in the mirror every day

THAT’S why you would want to connect your heart with your mind and your gut. It changes the face of every part of your life. I believe in internal shifts for the sake of external manifestations (read:realign your internal landscape and the outside “happenings” will naturally change too).

In seeking the expression of your heart, I use mine openly. I am not afraid to talk about the hard stuff, and always see you as capable, and full of promise (because you are). I am a great intuitive listener, and am able to weave information from throughout our coaching relationship, to challenge the development of a new awareness. I am funny and gentle, as well as firm and no-nonsense. I am a rigorous coach for the sake of you embracing meaningful and deep change.

I speak truth as it appears, and if you are tripping over your own patterns of distracting behavior, you can rely on me to point it out and challenge you, while loving your true nature and holding fierce expectancy for its expression. As a client has said: “[Leah] can “sit down with you and SEE, usually very quickly, and with unnerving clarity, what snares you are setting for yourself, and how not to fall in them. Or, if you are already ensnared–and typically if you are here with her, you are–how you can free yourself.”

Find You, Heal You, Love You, Be You–and from that all things are possible! Yep, it can be boiled down to that. Sound hokey? Try it…I dare you. It will be the bravest thing you have ever done.brave letter

This type of coaching is also useful for coaches who are embarking on the Certification journey with CTI. Certification is a rigorous and rewarding experience, and honing your coaching skills while discovering your personal blocks to success improves your ability to succeed within the program and beyond. It is my pleasure to coach individuals who are in this process.

I am a:


  • was the Volunteer Coach Co-Ordinator, and part of the instructional team for the Wisconsin Youth Leadership Academy (WYLA)
  • is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader
  • has a Bachelor of Arts, Human and Social Development (University of Victoria, BC. Canada)
  • has a diploma in Child and Youth Development (Mount Royal College, Calgary, AB. Canada)
  • has extensive experience working with children, youth and families in support and intervention capacities
  • is trained in suicide intervention and prevention

If you have nothing to say, say nothing.

— Mark Twain