Looking inside yourself and seeing what is really there is essential. What are the themes in your life that keep repeating? Be ready to rewrite your story as authored by you. My clients have some of the things they thought they wanted, and are seeing that it is not filling them. They wonder if they are following someone else’s rules, and may have lost awareness of their own passions, wishes and desires.

Client strengths are curiosity, and willingness to explore emotional patterns of behavior for the sake of uncovering blocks, and being in conscious choice about them. A willingness to dip your toe in and try new ways will serve you well.

Look and see what others have said about coaching, and coaching with me specifically. What resonates with you? Each of these testimonials represent one individual who wished to share their experience with you for the sake of inspiration, strength and the awareness that we are never alone (speaking of never alone, how is it possible that so many different people share the same initials? Puzzling but true!!).

I started with Leah about 6 months ago feeling stuck in my career and life and not sure where I was headed. With Leah's gentle questions and guidance I have begun to understand myself and the fears and past experiences getting in the way of taking the next steps . Leah is someone that I felt comfortable discussing my innermost thoughts knowing that I would never be judged but would be helped to understand and dissect those thoughts and where they were coming from. I also knew that Leah would always keep me honest with me, and hold me accountable for the things I had committed to doing to keep moving forward. Each conversation she encouraged me to face my fears and now I feel that my career and life is full of possibilities. Potentially different possibilities than I had originally envisioned and planned for but they are exciting all the same. I feel renewed.

L.S. Alta

My experience with Leah was full of excitement. Before I talked to Leah, I was experiencing some negative feelings. I was stressed, anxious and confused. I wasn't happy about my life and was seeking changes, but I did not know what to do. Talking to Leah was one of the best decisions I have made. I felt I could talk to Leah about many different things without being judged. I felt heard. During the conversations with Leah, I often had light bulb moments when I realized something about myself. Every single light bulb moment brought my stress level down, and made me happier. After a few talks, I was more relaxed, comfortable and confident. Leah helped me to go through a learning curve about myself that I never experienced before.

M.D. Alta

I chose Leah as my coach because her website connected with me. I looked at other life coaches websites and they all seemed to be very geared towards the corporate world. I also appreciated that she had real credentials for the work she was offering.

I would rely on Leah for support and for a rational voice during difficult times. She pushed me to change my perspective and opinion on certain situations. She also pushed me to break through my fears and personal road blocks that I had mentally built for myself.

I was surprised by Leah's willingness to share her own personal experiences in areas that could relate to what I was going through. This really helped because I felt less alone and more understood.

My life if different now because I have found the strength to look at things in my life that scare me and know that if I just trust myself I can get through them.

I would tell someone who is considering life coaching with Leah to really take her guidance to heart, even when it's hard and you feel like giving up. I'd recommend to really dig in and hear where she is guiding you and to try whatever it is she is recommending. You might surprise yourself!

J.O. Alta

The date and time I set on my calendar for bi-weekly mentor calls with Leah were sacred time. I learned as much about myself as my coaching-work; amidst the tears and laughter there was a very rich and deep wisdom in our conversations. Leah’s laser-focus and open-hearted approach worked well for me: I appreciated her stead-fast agenda as much as her playfulness. Together we tamed pterodactyls and gremlins!

J.W. Alta

I once had to stab a fingernail file into the edge of my big toe in order to peel out the beginning of an in-grown toenail. There was an immense amount of pain, some blood and maybe even a few tears. After I clipped the toenail, I disinfected the area, I bandaged it up and continued life free of the pain caused by said in-grown nail. A few days later the pain had completely subsided and it wasn't until several months later that I recalled I had even experienced that event at all. The pain had faded, and it was no longer affecting my life by stifling my momentum.

This is an apt analogy for my experience with Leah Halvorsen.

Leah has been at my side as both a mentor and coach throughout the most difficult procedures of healing that I have ever gone through in my life. For a majority of my 30 years on this earth I have let tragic events from my past dictate my path in life. It was only 1 month into my sessions with Leah when we began discussing things I had NEVER disclosed to anyone. It was the only logical pathway for us to go as I knew, if I didn't address these issues and overcome them, I would not be able to progress and achieve my dreams.

Her professionalism and forthright nature was a perfect match for my personality as well as my goals and it was because of these things I was able to trust her with my most private and intimate issues and, as a result of our work together, move past them.

I am more than happy to say that investing in myself via Leah's coaching has been the single most proactive and intelligent decision I have made in my adult life. I would not be anywhere near where I am right now without the coaching and direction of Leah.

Without reservation I can recommend Leah to any number of my friends and family and I know they will have a professional, productive and intelligent session with an accomplished individual that takes her vocation as seriously as one can. It was this passion that initially attracted me to Leah and it is that passion that enables me to trust her to put my very best interests first, even when I don't recognize that they are, in fact, my best interests.

D.H. Alberta, Canada

Coaching is a valuable life experience, it's holding a mirror up to your face and working to let go of the ego. Leah was amazing at meeting me where I was at and the coaching experience allowed me the space to work on improving myself.

M.M. Wis, USA

Looking back on my time with Leah: I can say that I received what my
initial intention was to receive out of my first coaching experience….
Getting clearer on what makes me tick and what I really want for my life…..
Went places I didn’t expect to go but now looking back realizing that
I needed to go there….
Thank you for guiding me where I need to be guided…..

B.C. Alberta, Canada

Leah was my mentor coach through Co-Active certification and beyond. It was always clear where the line was between coach and mentor. Leah told me from the start that she would shine a light on my life. We would approach a topic with gusto, compassion was offered when needed, observations were astute, a nudge was given when required, and acknowledgements extended when I doubted. I will continue to draw upon the learnings that I gained from the coaching that Leah and I engaged in.

N.B. Alberta, Canada

When I first recognized that life was not what I imagined it would be, I decided to take some action and speak to Leah. My schedule was constantly full, my social life was always busy, my work life was on an upward swing. In stark contrast, my soul was unfulfilled and my heart was exhausted. Those who surrounded me saw a successful, hard working, community minded woman. I saw a person living a lie. My original goal, at the beginning of this journey, was to find that ultimate 'happiness' that we all seek. Through many tears, Leah guided me towards the realization that the human experience means feeling much more than happiness and anger; that there is a rainbow of other emotions and experiences. Through the learning of boundaries and detachment, I have found connection. Through lessening my schedule, I have found enrichment. Through quieting my social life, I have found true friendship. Through releasing myself of the duty to help, I am able to serve. Freedom and fulfillment do not always look like happiness and joy; coping with difficulty, then allowing myself to feel happiness and joy does. My life is forever changed. I am a better wife, a better sister, a better daughter, a better friend, a better employee, and most importantly, the best me that I can give to myself.
S.S N.W.T Canada

S.S. NWT, Canada

I have been using Leah’s life-coaching services for several months. At the time I felt stuck, I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed. I thought about counselling, but I had been down that road many times and this time I wanted someone to not just listen, but to motivate me; to hold me accountable. I was looking for someone to help me set goals, to be enthusiastically supportive; someone who could also shed new light on difficult issues. Leah does all of these things and much more. I truly look forward to the times when we speak and after our sessions, I feel confident, relaxed and positive. B.R. Canada

B.R. Alberta, Canada

[Leah] brought me to water, and taught me how to drink. She helped me see new perspectives, and see my life for what it IS, rather than what I wished, wanted or hoped it would be. I am "growing up", standing up to people, and taking care of myself, rather than distracting myself with others issues. Until now, I have felt bad about myself and my life. Working with Leah has helped me to feel hopeful and capable of creating the life I want. I know it will be hard work, but I now believe in myself to get there, and I look forward to it.

R.H.-Alberta, Canada

At first, I wasn't sure this "phone coaching thing" would work, but it is very effective and convenient. Through coaching, I came through a dark time by utilizing cues, techniques and challenges. I can see my gremlins and my strengths, and I am learning to BE THE CHANGE I WANT.

Leah is wise, funny, insightful and delightful. She has a way of flying overhead and pointing out patterns and behaviors, that assisted me in getting back on track. M.A. Alberta, Canada

M.A. Alberta, Canada

I worked with Leah over several months and I found the sessions to be very enlightening. As a result the experience changed my perspective and consequently my life. I highly recommend working with her, particularly if you are ready for honest self-analysis and massive change. V. Mc. Alberta Canada

V. Mc. Alberta, Canada

I was trying to find a way to describe both Leah, and the coaching process, then I stumbled over these words in a book and thought YES! So while they are not my words, they express my experience. [Leah] can "sit down with you and SEE, usually very quickly, usually with unnerving clarity, what snares you are setting for yourself, and how not to fall in them. Or, if you are already ensnared--and typically if you are here with her, you are already ensnared--how you can free yourself." I am so thankful for this support, during a deep process. I am free. I am free. B.R. MN, USA


Lately, I have started to receive testimonials in a few different forms. This one came with "thank you for your gifts Leah"
testimonial photo T.G. Alberta, Canada

T.G. Alberta, Canada

I started out coaching with Leah a year ago. My goal was to figure out what career I wanted after I was done being a stay-at-home mom. I'm getting a clearer idea all the time about that, but what has been so fully awesome and unexpected has been the transformation that has happened in me along the way and how my goal has become bolder, more personal and more inspiring. Did I think that life coaching would be like this? No. Can you have the same experience if you engage Leah for your own journey, whatever that might be? Hell, yes. …  L.Y. Alberta, Canada

L.Y. Alberta, Canada

Leah brings a raw honesty and integrity to her work. Wherever I was in my process, she was able to meet me there and bring clarity, focus and renewal. It has been a great gift to myself to dedicate this time and energy to a coaching relationship. Well worth every penny, tear, giggle and ounce of clarity. K.M. Alberta Canada

K.M. Alberta, Canada

Leah's coaching offered me a way to realize the positive of different situations in my life (both past and present) and take a constructive approach in dealing with them.  The power of our sessions came not from her pointing out faults, but establishing how each event was part of a bigger education in personal growth. Leah presented a genuine approach that recognized my inherent ability to choose the right path. Thank you Leah for not only helping me but being there for others who could grow from your insight. D.S. Alberta, Canada

D.S. Alberta, Canada

Leah has really prompted me to manifest the thoughts and ideas that were seemingly stuck inside my head. Our discussions are frank and honest, helping me to realize areas of potential improvement and change. The most beneficial result of working with Leah in this capacity is her positive feedback and the way she is able to make me realize that I am making progress and experiencing success along my journey. C.B. Alberta, Canada

C.B. Alberta, Canada

Leah’s ability to “listen between the words” is superb as she is able to elicit the underlying meaning of what is being said and to illuminate potential blockages to progress. She provides ongoing, sincere, and enthusiastic support of the process. In short, Leah is a compassionate and insightful listener who, through curious questioning, helps to guide her client to his/her goals with astute observations and comments. I am very pleased with our work together thus far as it has enabled me to move from a sense of stuck-ness in a variety of areas toward the achievement of important goals. I look forward to further self-exploration with Leah as a wonderfully able coach and ally in this process. M.S. Alberta, Canada

M.S. Alberta, Canada

Five months ago, I had no idea what a life coach was. Right from the beginning, [Leah] started to help me. She has a way of having me see things from a different perspective and to not be so hard on myself. When a person changes their thinking, things start to happen. I never believed this, but through these past months with Leah's help, I have experienced it. Thank you so much Leah for your guidance and patience. D.S. Alberta, Canada

D.S. Alberta, Canada

It was a pleasure to be sure. I didn't really want to get involved at first, but I must say, I loved it. You [Leah] always made me feel good about myself, and made me think of things in a different light... and everybody tells me how great it is to be around me. I love myself. How great is that! D.S Ontario, Canada

D.S. Ontario, Canada

Leah has a true gift in holding the space, to be where you are, and finding the treasures in your life. Her ability to realize my values and present them to me with such grace and sincerity allowed me to hold myself up for who I am, and what I am about. With this connection to ME, I can find my way. S.D. Alberta, Canada

S.D. Alberta, Canada

A Life Coach is basically giving an outside voice to the part of your brain that is your conscience and the dreamer. Everyone has dreams and a Life Coach can help those dreams come alive. Goal setting is a big part of dreaming and your Life Coach can help you focus on the goals that can help you obtain your dreams. It all sounds very simple, but it can be a lot of work and soul searching. Who would want to be on this journey alone? Not me, that is where Leah, my Life Coach, became the coach of my life. Having those bi-weekly phone calls made me accountable to myself, Leah being the voice that continued to make the journey possible. Having Leah as my Life Coach really did help me achieve what I set out to do. She was a great support and kept me on the road that I needed to go down. M.W. Alberta, Canada

M.W. Alberta, Canada

I have found that coaching has opened me up to expecting and receiving many new and wonderful blessings. I have never expected much out of life, and so that is what I received. Now I am open to much more, and it is coming my way. W. L. Alberta, Canada

W.L. Alberta, Canada

Leah has a unique ability and natural gift of seeing things that others cannot see. She has a depth of wisdom and a keen sense of intuition that helps to bring out leadership in others, helping them see their own truths (which they may not have been aware of). She is incredibly compassionate, and it is clear that her love and humanity are what fuels her earnest desire to serve. Leah is gently fierce, and unwavering in her commitment to bringing forth leadership in others...and that is truly beautiful. C.S. California, USA

C.S. California, USA

Leah is a wise and capable woman. Her depth of knowledge, compassion and "get-to-it-ness" makes her the kind of coach I look forward to working with. Each week I am guided to find the strength within myself to find my own answers and bring them to reality. The distance we have covered in a short while will last a life time. K.M. Alberta, Canada

K.M. Alberta, Canada

In some ways [coaching] is like having a super-friend that is only there for you, and asks nothing in return. Leah holds you accountable to what you say you will do. She is like your conscience that way. She brings out your gut feelings and helps you to recognize them and use them for your greater good.

[Coaching] is a very positive experience. I always feel better after a session with Leah, and generally I come out of it with a plan of action or thought. K.F. Alberta, Canada

K.F. Alberta, Canada

[Leah] is right there in the experience, through all our coaching sessions. She is able to find me where I am at, many times without words. She brings me to the place of my greatest moments and holds a space for me to find the comfort in that. I love her dedication to me and what it is I want to accomplish in my life. Yes, I love getting to know myself in a much bigger space with the guidance of Leah as my coach. I really don't know how else I would discover ME without HER. S.L. Alberta, Canada

S.L. Alberta, Canada

Leah has an amazing capacity to bring clarity to our coaching sessions. Thru coaching with Leah, I stay focused on reaching my true goals in life, while staying grounded in the present moment. A.R. Nevada, USA

A.R. Nevada, USA

To try something different is to raise ones arms in surrender. To allow the ghosts to have their way with you, and then leave you forever. To fall freely into the abyss of the unknown, and find the life you have been waiting to live was waiting for you all along. To reach for the hand of a guide is likely the best way to navigate the uncharted waters of your deepest feelings. Let them free, let them breathe, let yourself stand naked in the night air and feel nothing but the breeze against your skin. You will feel joy once again. K.M. Alberta, Canada

K.M. Alberta, Canada

In the short time that I’ve worked with Leah, I have noticed some major shifts in my life. Leah has gently guided, supported, and helped me to investigate the things that do not serve me, and to my amazement, I actually released a few old beliefs! I love the ways we explore deeper issues. Our sessions are FUN! We laugh, and I cry but she always brings me back to celebrating me and I love and appreciate that. T.G. Canada

T.G. Alberta, Canada

I don’t feel so alone anymore, I’ve got Leah . . . and more importantly myself on my side. I honor all that she lovingly gives, and I am so thrilled our paths have crossed. So if you’re reading this and doing your life coach research, as I did not so long ago, I suggest jumping in and get excited for what’s to come. Who knows what you’ll find! T.O. Canada

T.G. Alberta, Canada

Life coaching with Leah has been an amazing, eye opening, life centering nudge with an over the phone hug. It is something that more people should experience as it will help them to see the potential that may not be noticed when just looking in the mirror. Leah guides me along the adventures in my life, awakens the hidden potentials I have, while getting rid of the "gremlins" that don't need. Leah has helped me to smile when I needed to, laugh when I didn't know I could, and help others to smile when they needed it most. B.H. Alberta, Canada

B.H. Alberta, Canada

I have experienced my fair share of coaches; Leah shines brighter than any of them. She has the ability, through her humor and her compassionate soul, to make me feel unique and amazing. She believed in me. She gave me space to grow, struggle, and to find a brilliantly soft place to land. Our time together was so valuable; I looked forward to every call, every laugh, and every transformation. If you want movement in your life...call Leah. R.A. Min, USA

R.A. Minnesota, USA

Leah is like having a pearl in your hand. It is sometimes the beginning of an idea, a gem of wisdom or a beacon to move towards. Regardless, there is something shiny and glistening about the process and it feels like your own personal treasure. A.R. Ont, Canada

A.R. Ontario, Canada

I found Leah during a grey time in my life; I didn’t feel miserable, but I didn’t feel happy; I didn’t feel overwhelmed but life felt heavy… I just felt very unfulfilled for “no good reason” – I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt so “blah” and it was frustrating and draining to not feel happy and excited about life.

A girlfriend who knew what I was going through recommended life coaching to me, and I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it. After interviewing several life coaches, I decided to continue my journey with Leah; She was a great fit – funny, kind, understanding, compassionate but also concise and bold and not afraid to call things out…

It didn’t take long at all to recognize that life coaching was a great investment – after each session with Leah, things started feeling lighter and lighter. Leah’s coaching helped me identify limiting beliefs I had about myself, and helped me work at removing the unnecessary judgments and expectations I had placed on myself, and on others that were not benefiting me or my relationships. Soon I started recognizing genuine happiness becoming present in my life again – it started with sincere smiles and chuckles, followed by full on laughter. It had felt like it had been so long since I was able to be present enough in moments to genuinely laugh at things! I am so grateful to Leah for helping me through a tough time in my life and guiding me out of the grey and into the light.

I would highly recommend Leah, she truly helped me organize and make sense of my jumbled thoughts and got me out of the rut I felt I was in. I am far far far happier now than I was when I first came to Leah and as a result I am a more engaged wife and mother and feel excited about life again. K.M. Canada

K.M. Canada

Leah did a wonderful job of relating to our 7-year old. Her professional approach, combined with her friendly demeanor, allowed her to reach our child and affect positive change. S.C Alberta, Canada

S.C. Alberta, Canada

I am grateful to have worked with (Leah). She brought a richness to my life. Her teachings stay with me, and no matter what happens, I know (she) would be in my corner again if needed, cheering me on, guiding me gently (or not so gently), saying "what if..." or just inviting me to push past my current comfort zone. J.B. Alberta, Canada

J.B. Alberta, Canada

Leah's kick ass, no holds barred, tooth and nail fierceness that show up in the ring are constant, precise and at first, second and sometimes third battalion, annoying and unwanted. As I paced the cage of my limiting beliefs, glaring out of half opened eyes at her, she paced with me, nipping at my heels, imploring me to stay--she's not going anywhere. "Fine" I screamed, "I'll stay, I'll look here". Terrified, I stayed still long enough to find an old route back to an old pattern in my life that I desperately wanted to change...new light illuminated this old story and new possibilities emerged. Simple, huh? Nope.

These are the hardest journeys we can face, the inner ones, our road maps are torn and frayed and we've rubbed out the old routes we never, ever want to get back to again. Enter Leah; her only true weapons are fierce love, compassion and an unwavering grace that keeps her still enough to hold you in the spaces, beyond where you think you can reach. She is an ally to anyone who wants to know their deeper truths, their soul's desire and who want to embrace their divine worth and abundant joy in this lifetime. M.S. Canada

M.S. Alberta, Canada

I was having anxiety about life and it was starting to become a real problem, so I went to Leah. I was surprised when I started coaching, because it didn't feel like I was talking to a coach, but more to someone who really understood what I was going through, and could relate to it.

I appreciated that it wasn't a pain, like "Oh I HAVE to go talk to Leah", but more like "I GET to go talk to Leah".

I have enjoyed and valued my time with Leah, and would recommended anybody who is skeptical, to go ahead and try, because it is great. R.V. Alberta, Canada

R.V. Alberta, Canada

There is no 12 step program on how to deal with life's hardships. To me LIFE stood for LIVE IMAGES FALSE EXAMPLES, and I have only in the last 6 months really examined my life under a personal microscope. I understood that life had an outline of the big picture including goals, careers, relationships and trying to express one self in a reasonable fashion. I knew that there was a expressive part of me that I was keeping in the dark. After spending months with Leah and her guidance, I have found what my picture in life is starting to look like.

When I first came to Leah I was in a vicious downward spiral and I had no idea exactly what my picture was supposed to look like. I knew that I had many negative photographs that were in my life album, however none were completely developed. I have had the chance through my experience with Leah, to go back into that album and take out the negatives and start to develop them with my own vibrant colors and to make the pictures as clear and pristine as I knew they should be.

My world has truly been flipped upside down and inside out. I will still have my struggles and hardships, however because of having a solid foundation and a closer look at my character, I know that I can face any challenge in life and be confident in my result and know that I have not compromised my morals and my character.


Thank you for everything Leah, so glad you were the hand that could catch me. A.T. BC, Canada

A.T. British Columbia, Canada

My wife and I have always believed that God places people in our lives at certain critical moments in our journey through life, and this belief was substantiated in my chance encounter with Leah in the spring of 2012.

At the time, I did not realize that meeting Leah at that precise moment in our life would affect so many lives. When the storm clouds unexpectedly engulfed our family that summer, we were confused and fearful of the potential outcome. We were perplexed, unsure where to turn or how to resolve the situation. Sure, our immediate reaction was to seek the usual counselor, but deep down we knew we required some other form of intervention, insight or guidance.

We can attest that Leah’s life changing coaching affected our family’s life in a positive and creative manner. Indirectly as a result of Leah’s coaching of a family member, my wife and I began a new retirement adventure, and our family joined us in the Okanagan valley. It’s never too late to begin again! We thought Leah’s life coaching method was to guide one member of the family, but it resulted in positive repercussions on our immediate and our extended family.

Thank-you Leah for sharing your affirmative life changing coaching skills that directly and indirectly affected so many. W.W. BC, Canada

W.W. British Columbia, Canada

I contacted Leah to help my son with his anxieties. My son started with small anxiety triggers that soon became daily problems. Leah was able to help him focus on the root cause and provided coping strategies. The valuable insight my son gained of himself and the coping mechanisms he learned, will assist him throughout his life.

I appreciate Leah being his sounding board. Leah connected with my son easily, which made his time with her very productive. I appreciate the work Leah did with my son and that his life is now much easier. L.V. Alberta, Canada

L.V. Alberta, Canada

Working with Leah as a my life coach has been like finding a light of guidance in heavy fog. She has helped me find my clarity within, as I have defined and refined my life goals. With her help, I have been able to ground myself while seeking my Personal Destiny. Leah has helped me rediscover my best self. The support she has given me has been invaluable. I have grown as a professional and as a human being in positive and significant ways, and I can't recommend Leah more highly. C.D. WI, USA


Leah is a powerful coach. She helped me focus with a piercing clarity on where I needed to pay attention. She guided me to challenging and manageable next steps. I opened up to new possibilities and unimagined options through perceptive questions, and insightful encouragement. I would not hesitate to recommend Leah as a coach. H.R. B.C. Canada

H.R. British Columbia, Canada

It is not easy. I will not kid you. You have to put the work in, and have faith. The first few talks we had, I felt better, but thought, “is this what it is? Nothing is changing”. I was a bit discouraged, but then a strange thing happened over time: we addressed what I felt needed attention and direction, and low and behold things started to change but not in any way I expected. I was being me, the real whole me--something quite frankly, I am not sure I ever really was. It was exciting, sometimes scary. I compare my experience to popcorn, you have to slowly heat the kernels (heat yourself up to the possibility), stir constantly as not to burn (keep working, exploring and listening), then once you are heated enough and stirred around you start to pop (learn about yourself, love yourself) slow at first and then a bunch of explosions (realize that there are endless possibilities in life and you are the only thing standing in your way, that once you start this acceptance and realization it expands into all, and I mean all, facets of your life). I am now in a place where I am not scared that my boys will be men and leave our home to seek their own, I have an amazing life/work balance and I love my boys and we have the most amazing relationship and it is only getting better. A.R. Alberta Canada

A.R. Alberta, Canada

I love the way Leah reminds me that whatever I'm going through, it's perfectly normal. She holds a brilliant vision of who I am and my potential. I love connecting with that vision and living into it, even when I'm not sure how it's going to unfold. Leah is a brilliant and fiercely loving coach. C.B. On, Canada

C.B. Ontario, Canada

When I first started working with Leah, I felt numb inside. I had difficulty feeling great joy or great sadness. I worked to please everyone else and while I really wanted to take care of myself and set my own boundaries, I truthfully didn't know what it was that I wanted for me!

Leah listened to "the noise in my head" in our sessions and was able to help me identify what was really going on. The changes seemed subtle at first, but one day I looked back and realized that I "knew" myself much better. I felt more relaxed in performance situations at work and was actually having fun instead of feeling anxious! I felt more empowered in my personal relationships. I learned to speak up in a loving and compassionate ways when I thought it was important. I felt more in control of my life even though I had released my need to control everything. Physically, I felt stronger and it was beginning to show as I became sick less often, began sleeping better and losing weight. I know that this is just the beginning of my transformation now that I have tools to work with. I highly recommend Leah as a life coach for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to improve their life. Leah is compassionate, truthful and fun to work with!
C.M. BC, Canada

C.M. British Columbia, Canada

I was, over the course of time, able to establish some boundaries for myself, once I figured out with Leah’s help, what in fact my boundaries were. At times, this made for some difficulties in the relationship with which I was dealing, but the alternative--to continue to have overly flexible boundaries wasn’t working, and in the end would have caused, and did cause even more problems.

I would say for someone who might have reservations about trying the “life coach” route, that you should seriously consider it, and in particular the services offered by Leah. She helped me, and, in the end, assuming you are considering some sort of counseling, you don’t have much to lose, except for several hours of your time and some dollars (the same as if you went the therapist route). The access to consultation by email in between coaching sessions is a big plus, and Leah responded to my emails in a timely manner.

I am, by the way, the other side of 50, and while Leah is considerably younger, I had no difficulty speaking with her. I found her friendly and eager to try to help. J.L. Alberta, Canada

J.L. Alberta, Canada

Leah's warm and non-judgmental presence sets a perfect stage for self-exploration and growth. I love Leah's "curious questions" that encourage me to look within for my own answers, thereby facilitating change in my life that is self inspired, directed, and aligned. Leah noticed, and brought to my attention, unconscious patterns. These new awarenesses guided new choices, including shaping appropriate boundaries, and assisted me to live more consciously. I appreciate that Leah works in the "now" and moving forward (the only point of true power is in the present!) as opposed to spending a large amount of time in the past. I take several aspects of coaching into my daily life. Over the period of time I have spent working with Leah, I have moved into a place of greater self-acceptance, self-love, empowerment, and peace within myself. T.W. Alberta Canada

T.W. Alberta, Canada

You don’t have to hold your head, higher than your heart.

— Jack Johnson